Access Niskayuna student resources by using the following links.

Old Student Accounts Suspended

Current student Google Drive accounts are included in the same organization as teachers in order to make collaboration easier. Use the first link to access your new Google Drive.

Old accounts ( have been disabled. If you did not migrate your data before your account was suspended, please see your building Computer TA to re-enable your account and migrate your data.

For privacy and security, Google does not allow mass reassignment of your documents. If you wish to keep documents from your old account, you must migrate the files yourself. This process is simple and relatively quick.

Google Drive

Access your account.

Old Google Drive

Access your old account, if you have requested that it be un-suspended.

Move Your Google Docs

How to move your documents from your old Google account to your new account.


Access your grades, schedule and other personal information. Your family must request a username and password, if you do not have one.